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Name: Christopher Lindop
Age: very late twenties
Place of birth: Mother’s bedside
Hair: Yes if it’s a full moon
Eyes: two
Distinguishing features: not very

Various Places I have worked/studied…
Stafford Grammar School.

The School of Mathematics and Statistics at The University of Birmingham.

The Douay Martyrs School, Uxbridge, and St Edward’s Royal Free Middle School, Windsor… (as a Class Teacher).

The School of Informatics and Multimedia Technology at The University of North London now part of London Metropolitan University where I wrote a chess playing program in CLOS- the Common LISP Object System.

The Wonderful thing about LISP is:
LISP is a wondeful thing.
Complex procedural ideas
are expressed via simple strings.
Its clear semantics
and lack of pedantics
help make programs run Run RUN!
But the most wonderful thing about LISP is:
programming in it is fun,
programming in it is FUN!

, The School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences at The University of Sussex where I wrote an automatic theorem prover called Cognitus under the supervision of Chris Taylor. The Computer Science bit is now part of… The School of Informatics.
Here are a couple of pictures from my Sussex graduation: me and Dad and (from left to right) Uncle Denis, Dad, me and Aunty Carol.